Against the backdrop of what the total tour cost us, we would certainly have been prepared to pay in excess of $150 for the book. Even at this price it would have been far less than what it eventually cost us to plan our trip. Planning an extensive trip of this nature is very costly and very time-consuming; and if you don’t do it properly, the tour could cost you even more than you originally budgeted.

Without lauding ourselves, we can quite adamantly say that if “This Book” was available to us prior to the commencement of our tour, we would have been totally ecstatic. It would have made us less apprehensive in the beginning and would immediately have pointed us in the right direction. Not only would it have saved us the cost and the many months of investigative research, but it would have immediately opened the door for us to execute and action our departure to Europe. You can literally “Buy Now” and depart for Europe within a month.

We are offering an all-inclusive package of information; an “A to Z” formula for a delightful tour experience.

It took us a minimum of 1 000 hours to plan our tour and probably a further 500 hours to compile the information in book form. If you have the time and courage to do it yourself then it will undoubtedly be a pleasing and fulfilling experience, but if you don’t have the inclination to do it, and you want it done meticulously, then follow the book.

Touring Europe with a Camper allows you more freedom, and is certainly far more relaxing than going on a guided all-inclusive bus tour where you are tied to a strict schedule that often proves very hectic. It also costs less, especially if it has all been planned for you by someone who has done it before.

From personal experience, Travel Agents aren’t particularly good at planning a trip of this nature; in fact, they aren’t particularly interested because they don’t reap the financial gains that a fully inclusive plane/train/bus tour offers where airline tickets, hotel accommodation, tour commissions, and other kickbacks are involved.

Apart from having toured Europe in a Camper ourselves, our sources of information have come from various quarters:

orangebullet Other people who have toured Europe on several occasions; each time buying & selling a Camper
orangebullet Tour guides, brochures & maps

orangebullet DSTV Travel Channel, over a 12 month period; we recorded that which had any direct bearing on our intended tour and route of travel.

This is what makes “our” whole European touring experience so valuable; it is not only the result of our own efforts, but a collective outcome of our actual experiences and many hours of advice & guidance from people who had previously done this on a number of different occasions.

This collective information from the various sources adds value and yields an irresistible end product for others to also benefit from.

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