My wife & I are South African born & bred and have lived in South Africa all our lives.

During the European spring of 2009, my wife & I undertook the most amazing trip of our lifetime. Over a 3-month period, we toured 8 countries across Europe in a Camper. It took 12 months to plan our entire tour. Because it was important to optimally capitalise on both our time and our available resources, we planned our trip very thoroughly; we did it with thorough intent because we were determined to make it a perfect

Touring in a Camper, not only allows you the flexibility to do your own thing and at your own pace, but it also allows you to see a totally different aspect of Europe that you would otherwise have missed out on. It takes you into the country and through the back roads and it also exposes you to the real life abroad. We were also totally convinced that this was the only way to really enjoy Europe and to get the best value for money.

We decided that we would book only our airline tickets, with the rest taking place on a semi-unscheduled basis, giving us the flexibility of adapting our tour as we went along. Although we had, for obvious reasons, scheduled our entire tour, it served purely as a guide and we were able to chop & change according to whatever suited us at any given time.

Our departure flight was on the 29th March 2009, and our return flight was on 28th June 2009. In Amsterdam, we took delivery of our 6-berth Camper, that served us magnificently throughout our entire tour, and we again successfully sold it back to its original vendor on completion of our tour (a pre-arranged agreement).

The tour was magnificent, and so much so, that it prompted us to make all our tour information available to others who may be thinking of planning a similar trip. We originally planned a 5 ½ month tour to 14 countries but we could eventually only get a 3-month visa.

We are therefore able to offer both the full 5 ½ month as well as the 3 month tour options. Both options are automatically yours.