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On our recent short holiday in Margate, Leslay and I had the privilege of meeting
Willie and Dot van den Berg.
As South Africans, we love our braai's and, one evening around a braai fire, we started chatting about some of the great holidays we had, when Willie and Dot started to tell us about their 3 month holiday experience in Europe. There was however one vast difference about this holiday, in that they captured it in a book. Willie gave me the opportunity to read the book and I found it amazing to see the detailed planning and record keeping that they did
during their trip.
Besides the wonderful holiday, this book is like a Project Manager's guide. If one can follow Willie and Dot's concept in planning your future holidays, you will have piece of mind regarding your holiday trip and all your expenses.
Well done, it will certainly give great reading pleasure and insight to many people planning their overseas holidays.

Thanks again for the great reading, it will remain memorable.

Ronnie & Leslay Rudolph

Hi Willie and Dot

Your book that you both worked so hard on is absolutely amazing.
I cannot believe that anyone else besides yourselves, could produce such an amazing amount of valuable and priceless information.
I would like to congratulate both of you on the contents of the book. One day, if the good Lord spares Sharron and myself, maybe we will be able to visit and tour through Europe as you both did, and then your book will be a very powerful tool, and I will use it for all the various destinations and places to visit, cost guides and transport options, and then of course for all your learning experiences, that you both encountered. Once I started to read your book, I found it very difficult to put down, and could not believe the detail that it contains. Once again congratulations, and I know that if you make it available to others, many people like myself, will benefit from it, and it will save people endless time and money, and help towards good planning for such a trip.


Jackie Nash

Hi Willie and Dorothy;

We thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and it’s really an incredible source of information.

Over the past few years, we’ve travelled abroad a number of times and we know how much time and effort goes into planning.

The detailed daily account of your tour and the information and advice contained in your book are all the ingredients needed for a truly successful tour; this document embraces everything that’s important and is most certainly good value for money.

You have convinced us that a Motor Home must be by far the best, the most enjoyable and the most economical way of Touring Europe.

If we had to plan a similar trip your book will certainly prove most valuable. It will help ensure that our trip turns out as wonderful as yours.

Good luck with your next trip and we hope it will be as successful as this trip was.

Noleen & Bill Ririe

Hi Willie & Dorothy,

Your book is really fantastic! We read it from cover to cover and found it really informative. It makes us proud to think that two of our friends could have compiled such a masterpiece.

It’s a wonderful planning guide, and it gives one a real insight into what one can expect on a tour of this nature. It’s a real treasure of information that will not only help plan your tour, but will add tremendous value to it. Having this type of information beforehand can only help alleviate potential problems and disappointments and help to make your holiday that much more enjoyable. I’m amazed at your attention to detail and your professional layout. Your book is also interesting and is such a pleasure to read.

We won’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who intends planning a similar trip because we know just how valuable we would find it if we were planning a European tour in a Camper; we wouldn’t want to be without it. Well done!

God bless you,

Pam & Aubrey Testa